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Our goal is to ensure children, their families, and care provider have access to the best tools and resources available as they embark on their own unique journeys.

About the family lounge

The FTC Kids family lounge is a safe and community-driven space where you can learn from our own tutorials that we share with our FTC Kids families, our go-to resources, top sensory diet recommendations, connect with our email community, and really begin to feel supported and confident in your own personal growth and your child’s development.

Think of the family lounge as YOUR space to learn and grow without having to go to Google or Youtube to seek out tutorials, workshops, classes, you name it.

We have it all here for you!

A note from Raina & The FTC Kids Family

Hello, Friend!

‘Raina and the FTC Kids Family here! We’re so excited to welcome you to our online Family Lounge. This lounge is a collection of all our go-to resources we personally recommend to our families at our Clinic.

At FTC, since day one, our philosophy has been to work together as a team while welcoming all clients and readers (YOU!) as family. And this is why we are so excited to welcome YOU the online Family Lounge.

Through the years, FTC has developed tried-and-true resources, tutorials, techniques, and recommendations. We encourage you to (1) join our free email community to always be the first to know when we update and add new resources to the Lounge; and (2) also go ahead and bookmark this page, so you can come back to it at any time.

We know life can be hard, stressful, and filled with many things. We imagined this as an open digital space where you can explore the topics that you need right now, connect with us, and really feel confident with your child’s development, along with your own self-discovery journey – all in one place.

We hope you and your family enjoy these experiences, pull up a comfy chair and stay awhile. Feel free to connect with us over on Facebook or Instagram and let us know how your kiddo is doing with the activities!

We’re here with you, remember you are never alone. If you are in the Little Falls, NJ area, reach out to us if you are ready to begin your journey with FTC, and if you are elsewhere in the world, we’d love for you to join the email community to stay connected!


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Favorite Sensory Exercises

FTC’s top go-to sensory exercise recommendations with video tutorials

Epsom Salt Bath Little Falls

Epsom Salt Bath Little Falls

Epsom salt baths in Little Falls are great for calming benefits. All you need is 1/2c Epsom salt, 1/2c table salt, and a few purple/green glow sticks to put into the bath to help relax.

Lateral Launches Little Falls

Lateral Launches Little Falls

For this activity, have the child sit in the middle of the yogibo, and launch them from side to side. Repeat 10 times. This will work on the child's vestibular input (movement and balance), which is important throughout our lives to support self-regulation.

Wiggles and Jiggles

Wiggles and Jiggles

Wiggles and Jiggles is super helpful for emotional regulation, stimulating the brain stem which is the hub of the CNS, and giving proprioceptive & tactile input, and helps to integrate the TLR reflex.

Animal Walks Exercise

Animal Walks Exercise

For this activity, the child will be working on some animal walks. This will help with gross motor play, proprioceptive and vestibular input, balance, shoulder stability, core stability, and bilateral coordination. Bear Walk: Start in the standing position, bend over...

video tutorials

At Home Activities

Fun and effective sensory activities you can do with your children

Visual Coordination

Visual Coordination

All you need for this activity is 5-10 of your favorite stuffed friends! This activity provides/challenges/ focuses on: Vestibular input Core strength Visual coordination Motor planning Activity adjustments include: Turning the movement into a “sit up,” focusing on...

Color Tapping

Color Tapping

This activity challenges/focuses on: Bilateral upper extremity strength; challenged while weight bearing in quadruped Visual motor skills; when placing hands on prompted colors Visual memory/recall; being shown a sequence visually, having to recall that sequence, and...

Therapeutic Use of Cups

Therapeutic Use of Cups

Ever wonder how to use household items for a therapeutic activity? Here are 6 activities that work on/challenge various skills to facilitate regulation and are super fun! All you need: 4-5 cups/water bottles/cans 2 re-usable plastic bags

Sibling Blanket Pulls

Sibling Blanket Pulls

  This is a fun sensory activity to do in your home! It is easy and offers lots of vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile input. It is fun for the whole family and can be done a variety of ways. The possibilities are endless.

“Blue Blanket” Swinging

“Blue Blanket” Swinging

Don't have suspended equipment in your house? No problem! This is a quick and easy way to give your child vestibular input while offering a calming swaddle. The color blue adds to the effect! This is very effective way to help a child organize him/herself.

Educational Videos

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials to cultivate education and empowerment for parents, caregivers, and therapists

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