As part of our efforts to ensure all children have access to the best tools and resources for their journey, we offer a number of offerings for other Therapeutic and Child Care Professionals. FTC Kids is happy to provide Workshop classes as well as Consultation and Education sessions with other professionals in the field.

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education & training

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FTC Kids offers a wide range of services geared towards professionals continued education and development.

Who can benefit

We strive to provide all child care facilities, preschools, teachers, and pediatric professionals with the tools they need to effectively serve the children in their care.

what we offer

We offer workshops, consultations, mentorship, and educational material as part of our Education and Training for Professionals.

FTC education & training

Consulting & Mentorship

Consulting Services

Who is consulting for

FTC offers direct consultations with directors of preschools and professionals working in the field of pediatrics. Our experienced therapists will offer expert advice to address any concerns the directors, teachers, or parents may have.

What is the benefit of consulting

We can identify problems within the organization/school and help initiate positive change within the structure of the setting. We can offer teaching and training to employees while empowering the organization to meet the ever-changing needs of the children.

Mentorship Services

Who is mentorship for

Mentorship is for new graduates, therapists just entering the field of pediatrics or therapist just look for new and creative treatment strategies.

What to expect with mentorship

Not only will we help increase knowledge of sensory processing and childhood development but we can introduce cutting-edge alternative interventions to complement current treatment repertoire.

New graduates and therapists will be empowered with a plan to effectively incorporate into actual therapy sessions.

Who will be your mentor

Depending on the needs of the individual, Mentorship Program is offered by Raina Koterba, Executive Director of FTC, Kathryn Vander-Ploeg, Director of Physical Therapy or Natalia Callejas, Director of Speech Therapy.

We also proudly offer Fieldwork Placements and internships for various universities and colleges throughout the U.S.




Sensory 101: Decoding your student’s sensory signals

This is a workshop geared to help parents, teachers, and caregivers understand sensory signals and cues from a child. This knowledge and insight will help you identify sensory issues which may be impacting your child’s daily life. You will have a basic introduction to the sensory systems and how your child may respond to this information.

What are the objectives of the workshop

To introduce a basic introduction to the sensory systems and how you child may respond to this information.

How long is the workshop:

2 hours


Raina Koterba, OTR/L



Sensory or Behavior: Effective strategies to address growing sensory concerns in students

This workshop is intermediate rather than jumping to the conclusion of behavior-driven. The is a workshop geared to help parents, teachers and caregiver with a basic understanding of sensory processing.

What are the objectives of the workshop

To discuss observed behaviors in children with sensory processing difficulties and identify the root cause, compare sensory processing challenges and behavioral challenges and offer strategies to detect the differences between the two.

How long is the workshop:

2 hours


Raina Koterba, OTR/L

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