Enrichment Program


Enrichment Program

As school openings remain in flux, families are grappling with big questions about safety and social issues. In recent weeks, many parents have realized the agonizing truth about school this fall. If it happens in person, it might not feel safe. But if it happens remotely, it will be inadequate, isolating, and unable to provide the childcare many working parents need.

Desperate for a better solution, FTC Kids is creating an educational enrichment program that will complement virtual learning. We will create small groups to learn and play together in our newly expanded facility space. Each group or “pod” will have a facilitator for group learning. Our facilitators will not only assist with overseeing a curriculum provided by a school, but will ensure children meet the state’s core curriculum for Math and Reading. This program will enforce foundational concepts and strengthen everyday skills used in a consistent cohort of peers.

By offering this type of learning at FTC, parents will be able to cut down on costs while having access to additional enrichment programs that are not offered with district virtual sessions, such as handwriting boot camps, typing instruction, fine motor strengthening, social skills, music and movement classes, creative building classes, and varied therapy services.

Sample Schedule


3 to 6 children


Parents will have the option of morning or afternoon sessions in varying lengths along with additional enrichment times.


Rates will vary depending on the type of program chosen and length of time in each. Medical insurance may be utilized to help cover the cost of the program when therapy sessions are included.



One-on-One or Small Group Instruction

  • Your child will receive small group instruction by an experienced educator following state standards for reading and math.
  • Your child will also get support to develop important school and life skills, such as organization, backpack management, planning, schedule-making, goal setting, and prioritizing

Complementary Education Program

  • Facilitators will follow the curriculum that the child’s private or public-school district has provided for virtual learning.
  • Facilitators will not be providing their own curriculum. However, they will enforce foundational concepts and strengthen everyday skill while meeting with a consistent cohort of peers.

Kindergarten Readiness and Play Groups

  • This group is intended for children to gain experience following a kindergarten routine through purposeful play and group circle time experiences.
  • Your child will engage in various hands-on experiences to support fine motor and sensory development.
  • Activities will focus on readiness for school, including play exploration, sustaining attention, following directions, turn-taking, and group work.

FUNctional Fitness Groups

  • Movement with a purpose! This group is intended for children of all abilities.
  • Expect to work on skills such as muscular strength/coordination, endurance, flexibility, balance, speed, and cardiovascular health while having fun.
  • This group combines intense sensory experiences and neuro-developmental movements to emphasize coordination and body awareness skills.
  • You child will utilize obstacle courses, Balance/Visual/Auditory (Bal-VisX) Exercises, metronome activities, and sports specific drills.

Sensory-Social Play Groups

  • This group is intended for children of all abilities.
  • These small group offerings are available for families looking for hands-on opportunities to have safe and meaningful social interaction with same-aged peers, especially during this time of “social distancing”.
  • Your child will build important social skills, such as self-regulation, turn-taking, emotional regulation, and behavior management.
  • This program will utilize yoga and mindfulness to keep the body calm and regulated.
  • Group will be taught by an Occupational Therapist.

Language-Social Skills Group

  • This group is intended for children who need extra support in areas of speech and language communication, using an evidence-based curriculum.
  • Activities will encourage building healthy relationships and communication skills while having fun problem-solving through various challenges and team-building obstacles.
  • FTC has successfully run this group in the past with great results!
  • Group is facilitated by a Speech and Language Pathologist and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Creative Building Fine Motor Group

  • This group will include activities to address fine motor skills, visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, and body awareness.
  • Your child will get to unleash his/her creativity while working on important school requirements, including scissor skills and coloring skills.
  • This group addresses building muscular strength and coordination in the hands to improve participation in activities of daily living (ADL), such as buttoning, zippering and shoe tying.
  • For older children, this group will introduce your child to STEAM activities, such as building with LEGOS and making inventions out of recyclable materials

Handwriting Bootcamp

  • This handwriting and preparatory skills program is intended for children who may have mild delays in fine motor skills.
  • Your child will build invaluable skills using a multisensory format to develop hand strength, fine motor manipulation skills, stroke development, and handwriting skills.
  • Group will be facilitated by an Occupational Therapist

Cursive and Typing

  • Group is intended for children who will not have the luxury of practicing this critical skill in the classroom.
  • Children will learn to write in cursive using highly reputable programs such as Handwriting without Tears and Loops for Other Groups.
  • Typing readiness will be enforced through intense hand dexterity activities and typing will be introduced.