Treatment Intensives

Treatment Intensives

Health Insurance Coverage

Your health insurance company, depending on your benefits plan, may cover out-of-network therapy services. We have an amazing billing manager that handles the insurance company and will electronically process all claims. We do everything to help make the insurance process stress free.

Therapy Intensive

We realize that every child is unique and rate of response to care is dependent on many factors. Treatment intensives are customized to the individual client. During the period of intensive treatment, services, times and frequencies vary. They all include energetic interventions, Pranic Healing and traditional Occupational and Speech treatment modalities. That might also include sensory integration principles, use of Therapeutic Listening, application of Floortime™  principles, social skills, Rhythmic Movement Training techniques, integration of higher level auditory and visual skills, true intensity in heavy work postural and ocular motor training. Parents are trained and taught how to implement sensory diet plans incorporating “traditional” sensory integrative techniques as well as a highly evolved and tested system of integrative medicine that utilizes invisible bio-energy. Home programming, environmental changes and support are provided at the end of the intensive.

The cost for treatment intensives varies per client based upon the length of the intensive and the duration of daily sessions.  The fee covers a brief written treatment summary and recommendations following completion of the treatment intensive.  

Alternative Intervention Consultations

The founders of F.A.I.T.H. have found a link between research based therapeutic techniques and spiritual strategies for healing. With this knowledge, we provide unique services, such as personal consultation, to help educate and empower parents to begin the healing process in the life of their child and family. After a parent interview, caregiver questionnaire and screening of the child, a plan of action is created. It will not only address the physical, developmental and sensory aspects of the child but also the energetic, emotional and environmental conditions that may be a key factor to facilitate progress and promote healing. Guidance will be offered to address the whole child and family while bringing a deeper understanding about the origin of various symptoms and behaviors displayed in children with neurodevelopmental disorders, disabilities and exceptionalities.

  • F.A.I.T.H. Consultations offering natural support and education for children and adults and those desiring a more balanced and complete approach to wellness. One of our focuses is in providing simple and practical energy interventions and education for children with specific learning disabilities. Down Syndrome, ASD, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing issues, and behavioral concerns.
  • F.A.I.T.H. consultations help a client find some answers, advice, guidance and/or resources for their particular concerns. It is usually shorter-term and can include phone sessions to continue the support.
  • It allows you the opportunity to explore problems, maybe learn some new skills, and get some advice about moving the life of your family toward increased satisfaction and emotional and wellbeing.
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