Sensory-Social Play Groups

Sensory-Social Play Groups


Children of all abilities will participate in small groups offering hands-on opportunities for safe and meaningful social interaction with same-aged peers.  Children will build important social skills, such as self-regulation, turn-taking, and improving routine tolerance (i.e. following directions, being a team player/part of a group).  This program will utilize yoga and mindfulness to keep the body calm and regulated.



  • Improve sensory processing abilities
  • Facilitate development of appropriate social interactions with same-aged peers through structured direction-following and turn-taking activities
  • Improve self-regulation and behavior management skills through yoga and mindfulness-based activities



  • Intro (warm-up movement activity/ice breaker) – 5 min.
  • Game (building teamwork and social skills) – 15 min.
  • Sensory activity (obstacle course, relay races) – 10 min.
  • Self-reflection (address self-regulation and behavior management skills) – 5 min.
  • Yoga/mindfulness activity – 10 min.
  • Closing (clean-up materials) – 5 min.