One-on-One or Small Group Instruction

One-on-One or Small Group Instruction


Children will receive small group instruction by an experienced educator following state standards for reading and math.  The child will also get support to develop important school and life skills, such as organization, backpack management, planning, schedule-making, goal setting, and prioritizing.

*Hiring of a 1:1 tutor will require an additional fee


  • Improve core curriculum reading and math concepts
  • Improve school skills including backpack management, schedule-making, and prioritizing
  • Improve life skills including organization, planning, and goal setting



  • Intro (ice breaker/gross motor activity designed to promote peer familiarity) – 10 min.
  • Educational instruction – 15 min.
  • Movement break – 5 min.
  • Educational instruction activity related to instruction for the day – 15 min.
  • Closing (reflection of learned skills/activities, cleaning up materials) – 5 min.