Language-Social Skills Group

Language-Social Skills Group


Children will receive extra support in the areas of speech, language, and communication, using an evidence-based curriculum.  Activities will encourage building healthy relationships and communication skills while having fun problem solving through various challenges and team-building obstacles.



  • Improve functional communication and language skills
  • Improve self-regulation skills to facilitate appropriate social interactions
  • Improve social interaction through team-building and problem-solving activities



  • Intro (warm-up/ice breaker) – 5 min.
  • Social Story, meta-cognition (improve emotional awareness and build healthy relationships through self-reflection) – 10 Minutes
  • Team building activity (obstacle course, relay race) – 10 minutes
  • Language-building activity (reflection time, discuss activity completed for the day and express opinions/questions) – 20 minutes
  • Closing (clean-up materials) – 5 minutes