Handwriting Bootcamp

Handwriting Bootcamp


Children will work on handwriting and fine motor preparatory skills.  The program will utilize a multi-sensory format to develop hand strength, fine motor manipulation skills, stroke development and handwriting skills.



  • Improve fine motor strength and coordination for handwriting and typing skills
  • Improve specific handwriting skills, including letter/number formation, line regard, case regard, letter sizing, and letter spacing
  • Improve ability to edit work and self-correct
  • Improve proprioceptive processing skills necessary for handwriting tasks



  • Intro (warm-up/ice breaker) – 5 min.
  • Fine motor warm-up activity – 5 min.
  • Handwriting activity (addressing specific skills) – 15 min.
  • Movement break (addressing sensory processing abilities) – 5 min.
  • Multi-sensory handwriting activity – 15 min.
  • Closing (clean-up materials) – 5 min.