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Creating the right group of children who will form a productive social skills dynamic takes a great deal of time and consideration. For this reason, we only run groups when we have identified a group of children who will benefit from the services being offered. We do offer individual sessions and peer dyads when the right group fit isn’t found.

A variety of Social, Sensory, and Developmental groups are open to children ages 4-14+.  Groups are arranged by age and ability level and are constantly being created and run. Morning, afternoon, and weekend meeting times available.

Age-appropriate groups are facilitated by experienced Child Psychologists and/or Occupational and/or Speech Therapists with the aide of DIR certified practitioners, exercise physiologists, and special education providers. All groups will be infused with sensory input while supporting the physical and social-emotional development of each participant.

Based on the needs and goals of participants, groups may focus on:

  • Gross motor skills/sensory-motor play
  • Collaborative sports games & skills
  • Neuro-developmental training
  • Social pragmatic skills
  • Navigating peer relationships
  • Play skills & cooperative group games
  • Social-cognitive awareness
  • Identifying & managing feelings
  • Learning about how to be a good friend
early intervention

You can reach out to Raina Koterba, OTR at 973-339-0141 or to see if your child is right for this opportunity or if you have any specific questions.